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Banhora School Truth, love and peace are the motto of St. Francis School. The school regards as it objective, to spread the love of God in the hearts of all people, irrespective of caste, creed...

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School will remain closed for Summer holidays from 14th May 2015 (Thursday) to 13th June 2015 (Saturday). It reopens on 15th June, 2015 (Monday). On this day attendance is compulsory.    

  From Principal's Desk

Banhora School It is my pleasure to interact with you all by the medium of internet. Since the internet has become a means of reaching out to people from every corner of the earth. Through the school website we intend to keep in touch with our students, parents, alumni and all who wish to know something about St. Francis School, Banhora, Ranchi.

I have been appointment as principal of the school recently. However, in the initial stage of the school I had the privilege to work in this institution from 2003 to May 2006. Since then eleven years have already passed. Today I see the school has grown in every field. This is the outcome of many able administrators, dedicated teachers, benefactors, well-wishes and talented students; I can see the growth both ways in quantity as well as quality. I remember, the school had a very simple beginning just with 12 students.

St. Francis School, Banhora is very dear to me, as it was my first appointment in 2003. As I take charge as Principal I would like to remind all the teachers, parents and students of a famous saying, ‘To know how to read is not as important as to know what to read.’ For, education is the progressive discovery of one’s ignorance. Learning how to learn is the basis of education. It directs our choice between right and wrong. This system of education must inculcate the principles of humanity. The focus of our education should be based on it.

This is my firm desire and I believe that our efforts will bring a positive result. St. Francis of Assisi is always with us in doing good works.

May God bless us all.

Fr. Carolus Kiro, TOR

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